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Getting over sugar (again)

Things that have to happen before I can quit sugar again:

  • I need to drink that orange cream soda in the fridge which is mine.
  • Morning sickness needs to end. I think it has, largely, as it’s been a few days since I’ve really had a problem. I didn’t eat this morning until after my shower, and I was okay.
  • I need to finish the cereal I have and find something else to have for breakfast. Even Chex has sugar in it, even though it’s only 2-3 grams per serving (so around 8-12 grams per bowl). For comparison, a 12-ounce can of soda has around 40-50 grams of sugar.

I think this is it. I’m hoping to start next week, when I will be in Springfield for work. The hotel will provide breakfast, so I might not do so well there — I don’t really find a lot of their breakfast meats appetizing and the scrambled eggs are made from a powder which I can only assume has some form of sugar in it. And though I can skip a meal when not pregnant (even though it’s unpleasant), I can’t do that now. Better to eat sugary cereal than nothing at all. Fortunately my choices will also include bagels and not-so-sugary cereals.

My long-term goal is to cut out grains, especially corn. Once I have the baby (I might wait till I’m done breastfeeding, but I don’t know how much of an effect that will have), I plan to try an experiment: no gluten for a month. Then I’ll eat something with gluten in it and see how it affects me. I’ve heard a lot of people say that once they quit eating gluten, they had a ton more energy and felt better than they’d ever felt.

I recognize that while I have a new baby is not the best time to drastically alter my diet — it’ll have to wait a while, I’m sure.

I’m not concerned about effects on the baby from removing grains from my diet, either while pregnant or breastfeeding. I am slightly concerned about effects on the baby from keeping too much grain IN my diet, as carbohydrates in excess cause insulin spikes (which cause weight gain) and, eventually, insulin resistance. And it can’t be a bad thing to remove sugar.

I expect that, by the time I get back from Springfield for good (I get to come home on the weekend in between the two weeks), I will have pretty much overcome my sugar addiction for a second time. After that it’ll only be a week or two until it is no longer appetizing. After that it’s just maintenance, which is both easier and harder because that part doesn’t end.


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I should have posted this right after the appointment to fix the memory better in my mind, but I didn’t think of it. We had our first sonogram on Tuesday (two days ago), got to see the little creature and hear its heartbeat. And it moves! I couldn’t really tell how much was the movement of the machine and how much was the movement of the baby, but the technician said it was pretty active — she was having some difficulty finding a good position to get her measurements — so it seems the little one was fidgeting like its father. Last night I was going over that in my mind…C was never diagnosed with hyperactivity but he definitely moves more than most people do, and god help me if the baby is as active as he is! Gonna be a long next few months, once I start feeling the movement, if that’s the case.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget the experience of looking at my first baby for the first time. I know I won’t forget hearing the heartbeat — we only got to hear it for a few seconds, but it was loud and clear. I admit it: I teared up. I remember staring at that little movement that seemed to fill the whole chest; how amazing is that? It must cycle through its entire blood supply in a matter of seconds, if it even takes that long.

And another milestone: apparently this morning sickness is getting worse before it gets better. The last few days, I’ve had The Quease pretty bad in the afternoons, and nothing seems to make it go away. And this morning, though I felt fine when I got up, 25 minutes later I was throwing up in the shower, which especially sucked because I didn’t have anything in my stomach in the first place! I haven’t had to eat first thing in the morning before this, so it’s a bit of a surprise. I’ve already gotten to the point where I’m ready for The Quease to be gone now, please, and I think in another week or two I’m going to be permanently bitchy if this keeps up. Stories of women who had morning sickness up to month 9 are dancing around in my head.

And now I’m going to go make public the posts I’ve put up so far and post a link to this blog on Facebook. Not that I expect to update any more often for the next month or two, but after that it should get more interesting.

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Moving out of Trimester 1

Yesterday marked exactly 12 weeks of pregnancy.

I have some new experiences under my belt, among them:

  • Occasional sharp pain in the back of my right hip, but higher and more painful than the pain my hips have always had if I sat wrong for too long, which hasn’t bothered me at all since this new pain started. It depends on how I sit, and then how I walk when I get up. I hope it goes away soon.
  • An increasingly sensitive gag reflex. I am one of those few people who has a cough reflex when something is in my left ear. I made the mistake of cleaning my ears with a Q-tip this morning and had to spend a few minutes in front of the toilet trying to keep from horking. I succeeded, but man was that an unpleasant few minutes. If I cough too hard, or get exhaust fumes, or one of any number of seemingly unrelated things happens, I have to stop and swallow for a few seconds to calm the reflex.
  • Weird and very vivid dreams that I actually remember most mornings. I almost never remember my dreams. And to go along with that, I wake up enough to remember it at least once or twice a night, and from what I hear that’s only going to get worse. At least now I can still lie on my back.
  • My stomach is bigger. Used to be that with the right amount of padding, my chest would stick out just barely more than my stomach. Now there’s no way — my stomach is definitely further out than my chest. It’s only 12 weeks! I’m going to be HUGE!
  • Weird-ass hunger issues. I can’t tell when I’m done eating because I have this crazy appetite that refuses to be satiated. I had a meatball sandwich from Potbelly’s today and then I had half of C’s sandwich when he didn’t want it. I did get too full, but not for about an hour afterwards. WTF? And I couldn’t put the damn thing down, either, it was just so tasty…

My body is just doing its thing, and this is amazing and …I feel like I should be scared a bit, but I’m not. I’ve been looking forward to the 3rd trimester for a very long time, with all its discomforts and everything. I can’t wait to feel the baby move, watch C feel it move, watch it move under my skin, and yes, lose sleep tossing and turning, watch my feet get too wide for even my very wide shoes, watch my stomach sit way out further than I ever wanted it to, and push the baby out without drugs. I want to experience the whole raw biological affair, complete with embarrassments, discomforts, pain, everything.

This is, on a basically biological level, what it means to be a woman.

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