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It’s a girl!

The woman doing the sonogram was very certain: it’s definitely a girl.

Yay! I know how to decorate a girl’s room. I’ve even got lots of pretty things to put in it. And though C disagrees, I’m pretty sure the second bedroom in the new place is already pink, and while I’m not generally a huge fan of pink, at least we don’t “have to” repaint it.

It was, once again, pretty amazing to look at my baby inside me. Holy shit this kid has grown. Of course the sonogram gives you a cross-section so we could see all the major organs and bones, though we had to have her tell us what was what on a lot of them. What really got me was the feet (ZOMG CUTE BABY FEET!) which is weird because I’ve never taken all that much notice of feet unless you count the necessary amount of attention that my D width, crazy-thick feet require in order to get shod.

We’ll have the pictures up on Smugmug and Facebook in a bit.


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