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Baby dancing in my belly

Last night I sat up in bed to read for a while…ended up reading for a lot longer than I intended, but that was partially because the baby started bouncing around, more than I’ve ever felt before. I felt her moving around for at least a half hour! Up till then, I’d only felt a nudge here or there, maybe a couple in a row, but I couldn’t always tell the difference between muscle spasms and baby punches.

She must have been facing my back, because I mostly felt bumps on my intestines. They started with a few jolts to the lower area and pretty soon there were also bumps a few inches higher. Felt like she was kickboxing my spine. I also felt some bumps in the front, and managed to have my hand on my belly for a couple of them, but I couldn’t tell if I’d actually felt them with my hand or if it was just my heartbeat.

Speaking of which: I don’t know if I just didn’t notice before I was pregnant, or maybe it’s the fact that I now have approximately 35-40% more blood than I used to, but I can feel my heartbeat in my belly. I can feel it in my skin and with my hand, which seems weird to me. I can see it on my tummy.

C came over and stared at my belly for a while. It’s covered in hair now, really fuzzy. The soft skin formerly inside my belly button, that hasn’t seen the light of day in 30 years, is now poking out to say hi, and he laughed at the face I made when I realized how shallow it is. I love these moments, he and I and our baby, enveloped in the magic of what will be; he pokes me curiously, calls to the baby, “Helloooo, Kaelie” and holds my belly in his hands with love.

Big change is coming.


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