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New Year’s resolutions

I’m a bit late posting this, but better than not posting it at all since putting it up (even where I’m pretty much the only person who sees it) will help cement the ideas in my mind.

My first resolution is to lose one pound per week. So far I’ve failed, but I’m not giving up yet. I’ve changed my eating habits — I’m now eating better and less than I was before. This is a huge step for me. I think if I haven’t dropped below 180 (currently I’m about 182; I weigh myself in the mornings before I take anything in) consistently by Valentine’s Day, I’m going to start up my food diary again. It really helped during my pregnancy, though I quit after the baby was born because I had too much else to deal with.

My second resolution is to run a 5k in 30 minutes or less by June. I actually made this resolution last year, for this one, but I couldn’t have foreseen how long it would take me to recover from childbirth. I intended to start working out again about three months ago. I’m not sure if I’ll make it, since I still have a fair amount of healing to do and it’ll be longer if I start running now, but I’ll definitely do it by the end of this year.

My third resolution is to run a ten-minute mile. I don’t know if I ever have. Before I got pregnant, I could run for a full mile but only if I was barely jogging.

To accomplish these goals, last Monday I went to the gym for the first time in nearly a year. A bunch of my friends have been working out at one particular gym for the last couple of months, so I got a membership there just before K was due, expecting to begin using it no more than two months after she was born (and probably sooner). Well, I failed at that, but I’m going now.

And my god, am I ever stiff! I did squats on Monday with just the bar, for form practice, and my stabilizers are practically useless. I was on my toes the whole way up every time. And though I felt SO GOOD afterwards, my legs were jellified from that point on.

But that didn’t stop me from going back the next morning for cardio. My friends go for cardio in the mornings three days a week in addition to the three days of weights in the evenings, and I was all endorphinated so I said sure, I’ll be here at 6:30 am! And since I said I would be, I did go. Spent about five minutes on the elliptical (which is weird) before a treadmill opened up and I walked for fifteen minutes. I wanted to run but I reminded myself that I’m taking it easy to start with since I’m still healing, and that I don’t want to overdo it and be the fat chick who falls off the back of the treadmill because her legs were still jelly from the squats the night before.

All-in-all, a pretty good start, I think. I’m going back for cardio tomorrow morning, though since I had some swelling I think I’ll lay off the squats for now and stick with upper body for lifting.

Damn, it feels good to be getting back.


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Easy baby

Maybe I’ll actually start updating regularly again…we’ll see. K is now about four and a half months old. The birth went fine (for an induction), but recovery has been difficult. I just, last Thursday, had my last appointment with the doctor who stitched me up. And I’m still not yet healed, though I won’t go into the details. It will still be a while before I can even think about getting pregnant again (though we’ll be waiting until nearer C’s graduation before trying again, anyway).

But the baby has been as easy as recovery has been hard — easier, even. She hardly cries, pretty much never for no reason, and is easily distracted by going into another room even when she’s gassy. She is fine on her own with her toys (or often without) for 15-30 minutes at a time. She has always slept for hours at night, and when we followed the pediatrician’s advice to try to keep her awake and open-eyed as much as possible during the day, she gracefully fell into a pattern of sleeping more at night and less during the day. Even better, by the third month she was already sleeping 7-8 hours at a time.

Granted, she is no more a napper than I am, so in order to get her to sleep at all during the day I pretty much have to hold her and sit still the whole time. Otherwise, when she stirs, she wakes herself up completely, and she always stirs within a half hour of falling asleep in my arms (if she doesn’t wake up when I put her down). When I’m holding her, however, I can shush and rock her quickly enough that she can fall back asleep, so she’ll nap for two hours instead of 30 minutes.

Last Monday, I started a new sleeping schedule and routine. I had read that 4-month-old babies generally go to sleep between 6 and 8 pm, and K has been cranky at night. I thought it was just that she wasn’t getting enough napping during the day (which she hasn’t, see above), but if she can’t sleep well during the day, then it’s no surprise that she would wake up shortly after dawn whether she’d gone to bed early enough or not, right? So I started putting her to bed around 7 pm. To my surprise (and motherly guilt), she took to it easily, though she did begin to wake up earlier to nurse: about 4 am rather than 5:30-6, which makes sense. She was also more wakeful after her night feedings, taking 10-15 minutes more to fall asleep after eating.

Last night, I nursed her to sleep like usual. She woke up when I put her in her crib for the night, so I left her in the dark to get sleepy, figuring I’d go back and put her to sleep when she cried. But she didn’t cry; she was quiet for a while, made two or three small cranky noises and then was quiet again. 15 minutes after putting her down, I went in to check on her and she was sound asleep, on her side as she seems to prefer (which began about a week, maybe ten days ago). I was surprised, but grateful.

Tonight, though, nursing didn’t get her to sleep, even though it was about 10 pm (she slept in the car seat for a while after we got home from Sunday dinner). So I set her down in her crib, wide awake, thinking how great it would be if she magically fell asleep on her own again but fully expecting her to cry within a few minutes. About 20 minutes later, I stood outside her door and heard her sighing. I resisted the urge to go in; she may have been asleep, but I probably would have disturbed her if I had stepped on that creaky floor. About 30 minutes after that, I checked on her again, and sure enough that baby was completely asleep. I couldn’t believe my luck! If this becomes a pattern it’ll be totally worth my difficult recovery. Hell, if it just happens sometimes it’ll be totally worth it.

Also, she’s just started to roll from back to front. She did it two nights ago while C was putting her into pajamas — he had her by the foot as she squirmed, and suddenly her foot flipped over. And she did it again this morning, as C discovered when he went in to change her diaper and bring her to me in bed for nursing shortly after dawn. Soon she’ll be rolling on purpose…and oh god I really have to get moving on the baby proofing!

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