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Been drooling over the Xtracycle kit some more, now that I’ve got three frames at home that are in no shape to ride and need to be taken to the co-op to be worked on. Only one has both wheels, but I threw out one tire because of dry rot and I’m suspicious of the other; another frame has a rear wheel, one has none…all three are missing other vital parts also.

The blue Raleigh will be my mate’s road bike once I fix it up a bit. I rebuilt the wheels in the co-op’s wheelbuilding class after cleaning all the parts, so they’re nice and shiny now. The bike is missing a few other parts, but I can get those from the co-op. I just have to get it there.

The zebra-striped frame (my dad painted it years ago) will be my fixed-gear. That’s the one missing both wheels. I want to get the parts and build the wheels myself for more practice. I could probably get most of the parts through the co-op but I kinda want it all to be new >_> Might look kind of odd on an old repainted frame though — maybe I should just get the hub and hope the spokes work for it.

I’m not sure, yet, what to do with the orange Raleigh. I was thinking maybe I’d have it be an all-weather bike and put an Xtracycle on my hybrid, make that one a real cargo bike. I’d need good tires for the Raleigh and a front wheel (and a whole bunch of other parts), but I’d get those from the co-op for cheap

The question of getting them to the co-op is kind of moot, though, since friends of his family plan to sell their minivan to us shortly (we’re waiting on the bank loan). It’s not completely moot, because I almost always prefer to ride rather than drive, though it’d be a pain in the ass to get two bikes down from my third floor apartment.


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Bottom bracket update

I took apart the bottom bracket on the hybrid since it felt grindy.

So it turns out that, on my Specialized Crossroads, the bottom bracket is sealed. That part feels all right by itself (and by “all right” I mean it works but there’s some friction), but its outside is covered in gunk that I can’t get off without scraping it, and since it’s not necessary I didn’t bother. When I put it back together I found that the grinding feeling gets worse the higher gear you use, and I’m not sure what that means. It might mean that the cassette needs to be replaced; I already know that, because when I got the bike I didn’t realize that shifting with pressure on the pedals was bad for it and some of the teeth are worn down a bit because of that. It might just mean that the bottom bracket needs to be replaced.

So the grinding gets worse with higher gear, but I think I noticed that before. What’s new, now, is how bad it is. I swear it’s worse now, but I also swear I put it back together correctly, so I don’t think that it’s out of line any more than it was. I’ll have to ask more bike co-op people about grindy gears and see what they suggest.

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