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Lists of lists

I’m not kidding. I have a list of lists that I need to make…general unpacking/moving-in, baby prep (divided into “baby’s room prep” and “other baby prep”), furniture we need, groceries and other stuff we need, errands to run…

And some of them overlap. In order to install the car seat in the van, we have to put at least one seat back in. In order to do that, we have to vacuum the van out first (which is on the general unpacking/moving-in list); it’s just easier that way. But before we vacuum the van, we should move the dresser(s) for the baby’s room and probably our room (the dresser for the baby’s room is on the baby’s room prep list, and the dresser for our room is on the furniture list). And that won’t happen until probably Sunday night, so it looks like we won’t be putting the car seat in this weekend. But that’s okay; the baby’s still pretty active, and decreased movement is one of the signs that she’s getting ready to be born, so it will probably still be a little while.

Tomorrow marks the end of week 37, and as of then I am considered full term. Given my family history (as far as I know it) and that this is my first baby, chances are good that she’ll be late rather than early.

I have a list of things I might spend my birthday money on (thanks, Mom and Grandma!) but it consists of only one thing: yarn. Brigitte (the owner of Klose Knit) has some colors of my favorite yarn in the whole wide world that I love but don’t have yet. What will I make with it? I don’t know, but it will be soft and gorgeous! And there are a few other yarns I would love to have…I’d like a skein or two of solid-color sock yarn for lacy socks from the sock book I have. I also need to find a nice shawl pattern for one of the yarns that C’s family has given me — I may make the Adamas shawl with it.

Course, that first requires that I finish my current shawl, Kiri (.pdf), and I figure I’m about 1/4 of the way done with it…maybe. Hard to tell on triangular shawls, but I know I’m not anywhere near halfway done. And it requires concentration, so if I don’t finish it before the baby comes (which I won’t), I’m not sure I’ll have the brainpower to work on it for months afterward.

But we’ll see. I do love that shawl and I miss working on it (I haven’t had time lately to knit anything that complicated). I’m going to try and work on it for a few hours this weekend.


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How about now?

This is it: the week I should be ovulating. I keep thinking, “Am I pregnant yet? What about now? Now?”

…And now it’s even worse, because I have checked other ovulation calendars online and today is apparently the last day I’m fertile, not the third-to-last as I previously thought, if I have a normal cycle.

So, my future son or daughter (which is really weird to say): Are you started? If so, I’m still not yet pregnant, as you won’t implant in the lining of my uterus for another week or so. But I’m eagerly awaiting the first signs that your birth day will be in early August — should be two or three weeks, ish.

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According to the last ovulation calculator I looked at, I should be ovulating sometime this week (between the 8th and the 13th) and if I get pregnant during this time, the baby will be due August 4th.

Our current lease is up July 31st, and we’ll be moving into a two-bedroom duplex that his mother manages for his great-grandmother’s estate. Hey, he says he won’t mind doing most of the work, which is good because his 9-month-pregnant wife sure as hell won’t be doing very much.

So an early August due date would be as perfect as it can get: we’d move; I would quit my job, have the baby, spend a couple weeks getting used to a baby in the house, and then start school. I’m not claiming it would be easy, but it would certainly be easiest that way. “Easiest” as in “least difficult”.

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